10 Best Responsive Kid Store Magento Themes 2016

Kid Store Magento Theme

Kid Store

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Kid Store Magento Theme is a beautifully designed magento template for your child store,kid shop, kid toy store. We provide full package with Latest Magento version + Full MA extensions + Sample database after installed like live demo site. We provide Free Extensions include package

This theme is clear, easy to customize Magento template. Many new features such as powerful admin module, slideshow, new products, featured products display on homepage, dropdown shopping cart, extra links and blocks and so on.


Kids Store


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Kids Store Magento Template is dedicated for kids, toys and flowers stores. With some extensions and customization Kids Store Magento Theme is dedicated for all kind of stores including kids and toys stores.


Kids Market


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Kids Market Magento Responsive Theme is specially designed for toys, kids store, flowers, tools and multi purpose stores. Kids Market Magento Responsive Theme is looking good with colors combination. All sub pages are customized. It is very nice with its clean and professional look.


Fiora – Kids Responsive Magento Theme


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Fiora Kid Store Magento Theme is fitted with 2 home page layouts which suits for selling kids fashion, toys, kids clothings, baby belongings,… With eye-catching colors such as pink, red, blue, Fiora Kid Store is a great choice for you!

Fiora is fully responsive and thus, you can reach out to smartphone or tablet users. It gives you great functionality. This magento theme will help you create creative children websites. Design of Fiora is very simple but also very beautiful & full necessary functions. Big Slideshow becomes more prominent with lovely kids images, pretty text, lively effects. Mega Menu is elegant with pink & blue background. Mega Menu contains product categories with nice images in static block below the popup of main category. List sub categories is arranged logically in each column, bring customers go everywhere in our shop. Featured products, Bestseller, Top viewed products are shown beautifully in each tab with nice products images, quickview & add to cart button are designed youthful & conveniently. Buttons such as add to wishlist, add to compare and price are designed in a cute way which bring friendly feeling for customers. Daily Deal module shows promotional products with short description, discount price and promotion time. Blog connects people with people, shopkeepers with customers, visitors,… People can via your posts, know more about your store: latest products, featured products, promotion period, other activities,…Ajax Layered Navigation is an indispensable magento extensions in Category page. It helps filter price, arrange attributes, make customers purchase more quickly and easily.


Multi Store


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Multi Store Magento Template is dedicated for lingerie, kids, electronics, fashion, jewelry and clothes stores. With some extensions and customization multi store magento template is dedicated for all kind of stores.


Doll Store


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Pisces magento theme is a multistore theme. It has 4 stores : sport, flowers, furniture and toys. Each store has its own beauty. Sport store has strong colors and layout. Flowers store is bright with colorful product images. Furniture store and toys store has layout like flowers store.

Look at these cute large banners with text transition effect. Template’s typography is also charming. Fonts create a trustworthy atmosphere. The items supplied with all details necessary for the purchase. Besides, it has css3 effect with beautiful images and static blocks. Slider and banners advertise the best products. This template uses many extensions: new products, new products slider, featured products slider, bestseller product vertical scroller, onsale products slider,…Trustworthy brand logo separate content area from footer. Mega menu has drop down option. Social icons can be found in the footer.




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Optima – clean, modern and fully responsive Magento Theme, that use a unique design with many helpful features support your sales higher & much more. It is suitable for selling everything such as fashion, high fashion, digital, furniture, home appliances, tools, kids, fashion for kids stores.

You will be amazed with features on this Multi Purpose Magento Theme. You can have full width or not full width slideshow with brief information about your advertise, smooth transitions & beautiful images. Product categories, featured products & bestsellers are arranged beautifully an neatly on each home page. All sub pages are customized, so it is very nice and easy for you to install and use. Highlight of this theme is Mega Menu with pretty icons in each product category. Blog module helps customers and you interact with each other more easily and friendly via comments, posts. Product images are nice & eye-catching. Product Quickview helps customers can view & decide to purchase the favorite & necessary merchandise fastest through the handy popup which display essential information of that product. There many different themes for you to choose. With only once purchase, you owned many templates which can selling many different goods. It’s very convenient. Besides, this theme integrated many extensions to promote the performance of the web such as : Ajax Layered Naviagtion, Upsell Products Slider, Vertical Menu, Google Rich Snippets,…




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Cygnus responsive Magento Theme is for you, your kid store, fashion shop, food shop and gift shop. Cygnus is a multi purposes magento theme. Your website becomes super informative while specialized layout enhances visual view of it to make its view real nice and clear for all users.

Cygnus theme has 4 templates : kid, fashion, gift and food template. Each template has its own highlights. Mega menu bring big data information about products, categories. Banner sequence with css3 effects makes images show more beautiful and more harmonious. Fancy product extension bring lastest products with nice effect. Category tabs slider extension, category tabs in blocks show lastest products from categories. Static blocks in footer make customer know more information about your store. A logical combination of slideshow and promotion image makes the website so much more attractive. It impresses even more with powerful customization attribute of the slideshow. To all visitors, this will be the best website ever, stable quality, high speech, easy to use functions and many more powerful features.

Come with us and enjoy Cygnus theme!


SNS Zolo


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SNS Zolo A fresh and clean design. If you want to have a very unique and attractive design and trying to make your way among numerous store owners, SNS Zolo is a great starting point for you.

SNS Zolo with powerful features, easy to customize, power admin, cool effect. We hope you will have a great experience.